New Year’s Day & Today

In my New Year’s Day menu planning, I tried to incorporate some “lucky” foods for the new year.

I had read that leafy green foods were supposed to encourage a prosperous year; after all, they’re thin and green, very much like $.

Enter this salad.

These kale chips were tasty; although next time I’ll be sure to use less EVOO and salt in their preparation. (The paprika and Spike seasoning were nice touches, though.)

This white acorn squash (it’s actually more yellow than white) was filled with a lentil/carrot/celery mixture. Lentils are supposed to be another lucky New Year’s food.

Today, I took advantage of the sunny day to let the light shine in as I ate my breakfast.

I made these poached eggs by boiling water + a splash of ac vinegar. The eggs formed themselves together into these little packages. I have used this method of making poached eggs quite a few times. Sometimes it works better than others. Today it worked well.


3 responses to this post.

  1. The kale looks divine. I just tried kale for the first time last year and fell in love with it.


  2. My poached eggs always turn out crazy bad. Is the vinegar the secret?


  3. The kale and stuffed squash look wonderful, great eats.


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