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Comfort Foods

Whenever I hear ‘comfort food‘, I picture globs of some sort of gooey goodness, just oozing, sliding down the plate as its scooped up. Or maybe there’s a crispy kind of element, flaking down into crumblets as its chomped upon.

Comfort foods are gonna leave little bits of themselves on your plate, that’s for sure.

I stayed home today. Still getting over this bug, I wanted to rest. After being inside alllll day with the grayish sky casting light inside the room, I craved some comfort food. At that moment in time, this meant to me:

Creamed spinach

Started with frozen chopped spinach.

Earth balance and arrowroot flour in a separate pan.

Becoming creamy with the addition of milk.

Glopped it all together, along with some cheese, cumin, chili powder & pepper. I let this mixture glub for awhile while I made dish #2. That’s right, it glubbed. It glubbed happily (or so I like to think.)

Part 2, cooking simultaneously. Baby portobellos + onions & a bit of salt, in olive oil (had to add some water too, to prevent singeing.)

Added some bulgur wheat and water, set to boil. Then covered and simmered.

Do you see that oozing? Yes you do. I had to grate some cheese on top, of course.

What’s your favorite comfort food?