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So, here’s the deal:

I’ve been holding off on creating photo posts because I wanted to wait until I got a digital SLR camera… But now I’ve decided to try and use the macro focus setting on the point-and-shoot to see how that goes.

This morning I started off with the newly omnipresent Green Monster, which today had a distinctly non-green, chocolate brown hue. I’m enjoying the Garden of Greens Choco-Berry powder I got at Wegman’s – it’s a nice low-sugar, high-antioxidant cocoa concoction that goes well with everything from plain yogurt to cold milk. Adding half a scoop to my morning smoothie gives my Green Monster a nice flavor variation.

After returning from a trip to a local consignment shop where I sold three items and made $3.90 (whoa! lol), I started trying to quickly assemble some vegetarian sushi rolls. (My husband and I were trying to make it in time to see a free theatrical performance.) My first attempt to cut the sushi roll was not successful; maybe the chef’s knife I was using was not sharp enough? The brown rice, nori, and tofu filling ended up in a great big mish-mosh (not pictured here.) The second roll worked out better, and it went well with the freshly cooked edamame, which I had boiled in salted water. The edamame came from my CSA – it’s really fun to get the occasional atypical offerings in the farm share. Dessert was a piece of seeded watermelon, also from the farm share.

After we returned from the play, I was enthusiastic to use a recent purchase, agar agar, to make a new creation: kanten. My first introduction to kanten was years ago at Angelica Kitchen in NYC – kanten was always on the dessert menu in one fruity form or another; if I remember correctly, it was usually served as a parfait. It’s only after doing my Macro Month that I learned what kanten is: a form of vegan jello, using a sea vegetable derivative rather than a by-product of the cattle industry to make the gelatinous consistency of the dessert. I hadn’t been able to easily track down agar agar during the aforementioned Macro Month, but recently I found it and decided to embark upon a jelled fruit juice adventure.

Right now the black cherry ‘jello’ is chilling in the fridge – I’ll let you know how it turned out on my next post.

For dinner, I was in the mood for breakfast, and made a 2-cheese omelette with a slice of Ezekial bread and some sauteed mushrooms and onions on the side. There was also kale… I really need to find a more exciting, easy-to-make dressing for kale – I’m more in the mood for a creamy dressing lately on the rough leaves – does anyone have a quick and healthy creamy dressing recipe that goes well with kale?

Fun to have the blogging momentum back – I’ll see ya tomorrow!