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The Easiest Way to Prepare Salmon

Ok, so I’m not a big fan of cooking fish. And I usually don’t have the patience to do things like marinating the fish for an extended amount of time. So tonight, I turned to:

The Easiest Way to Prepare Salmon.

1. Generously coat stainless steel skillet with olive oil. (I don’t use teflon/non-stick pans.)
2. Put heat on medium high. Let oil heat up a bit.
3. Plop skinless salmon fillet, which you have seasoned with something, like lemon pepper, onto pan.
3. Watch out that you don’t get burned by the sizzling oil. (There’s probably a better way of doing this so that the hot oil doesn’t start to splatter. Maybe the pan is too hot?
4. Turn fillets over after 4-5 minutes (depending on how cold/icy they were to start with.)
5. Remove from heat in another 4-5 minutes.

So this wasn’t the most moist salmon of all time, but salmon is healthy (especially if it’s not farm-raised), and as I said – this was quick!

Along with the salmon, I made some collard greens (with miso ginger dressing) and buckwheat soba noodles (with a ‘dressing’ of flax oil, rice vinegar, reduced sodium soy sauce, and freeze dried chives).

How do you like to prepare salmon?