Mung Bean Mania

I recently defrosted a big batch of leftover mung beans and am now searching for ways to use them.

Today I whipped up a quick ‘sweet bean’ dish of mung beans simmered with sucanat & sliced ginger. (I had added extra water to the pan as well.) I had found a similar recipe online, which inspired this, but the online version called for a lot more sugar than I was willing to use in an entree dish.

These sweet gingered beans went well with the semi-homemade cornbread (it was from a mix).

This photo makes it look like there were barely any beans/bread on the dish. That’s due to the perspective of the photo, wherein the greens have apparent dominance. In real life, it looked less like greens 80% – other food – 20% and more like greens 60% – other food – 40%. This is a good example of why we can’t always trust photographs to tell the full story.

Back to the beans: do you by chance have a recipe or way for me to use up the rest of these mung beans?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Hmm, I have some mung beans in the pantry that I have not touched. I guess it’s about time I use em, eh? Your recipe sounds yummy!


  2. I made a big batch of mung beans in the steamer today! My favorite way to eat them is pretty simple: just add sea salt and garam masala! Mmm…


  3. I have never had mung beans before! Would they be good in a pot of soup?


  4. I made curried mung beans once…OMG I’m still dreaming about them. Unfortunately I didn’t follow a recipe, so I am scared about the recreation process.


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