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Sweet Harvest Ribecasquon

I’ve been craving some kind of sweet rice dish lately. Not rice pudding – not a dessert – but some sort of subtly sweet and savory medley.

Ribecasquon to the rescue.

Whilst baking acorn squash, I prepared the central dish component. I healthy sauteed (using broth instead of oil) cabbage, onions, and sliced garlic, letting the vegetables cook down a bit. I then scooped some steaming hot brown rice into the pan, along with leftover black bean salad. After mixing and letting the flavors meld for a bit, I dashed on some rice vinegar for a splash of acidity to contrast with the starches. Following that, I added some spices: salt, pepper, and chili powder. Then – for the sweetness to mellow this harvest ribecasquon : raisins. Added along with some pine nuts (pignoli), for a little nutty crunch. Finally, cumin, and some fresh cilantro. I turned the stove top off and let the flavors combine in the still-hot pan. The various influences danced and mixed for about 8 minutes while I watched Jeopardy.

The acorn squash was very ready at this point, hot to the touch from the oven. I let it cool and peeled the skin away from the bright orange insides.

After rimming the ribecasquon with the squash, I scraped off a pat of butter and slid it over the whole medley, for a bit of fat to boost taste and vitamin absorption.

The verdicts on this sweet harvest medley:

My husband detected Mexican influences, in the form of the chili spice and the rice and beans.

I detected just what I was looking for, an autumnal celebration of sweet & spiced warm earth flavors.

Question of the day: What do you think ribecasquon means, anyway? Hint – Deconstruct the word into its food part roots. A correct guess wins you a prominent mention in my next entry!

Enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid to coin new words. They have to come from somewhere, right?