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20-minute meal

I’m usually not in the mood to create a labor-intensive meal on a Sunday evening, even if I know I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. So tonight, I was looking for something quick & easy.

Whenever I want something very quick & easy, but also very nutritious, I turn to my food bible of sorts: The World’s Healthiest Foods.

No – they did not pay me to endorse this book. But, I do have to say: I feel like every household should own a copy of this book. It’s so nutritionally comprehensive. It’s a huge tome of knowledge. Each page reveals new insights. And there’s also lots of great recipes!

I love when I find shortcuts – like how to cook potatoes in 10 minutes. Which is what I did tonight, in my steamer. After chopping up some potatoes (some from my CSA, some from a farmer’s market), I tossed them in the steamer. 5 minutes of potato steaming later, and I added some green beans from my CSA to steam together with the potatoes. 10 minutes later, I pulled them off the stove and mixed them together with a little melted butter, some minced garlic, salt, and a dash of chile powder. Ole!

On the side, I made a very quick Asian-inspired tofu dish. I like to call this: “Quick Sweet Marinade”:

In a small saucepan, mix:
-1 tsp jam of choice (I used peach ginger)
-1.5 tsp soy sauce
-Some rice vinegar
-A splash of water
-A quick powdering of Arrowroot powder (this thickens the marinade)

Stir and bring to a quick boil, then toss in your tofu.

Have you invented any quick marinades or sauces that you would like to share? Please do…