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Chocolate Soup, Raw Foods, and Kanten

I’ve had soup for breakfast before, but I’ve never had…

Chocolate soup!

In your blender, mix: Plain yogurt, Choco-berry powder, a dash of milk, a very ripe banana, and flax seed. Voila – a chilled creation!

Lunch was fun: a trip to an as-yet-untried restaurant: The Enchanted Kitchen.

A super-cute ambiance combined with fresh, healthy foods makes for a refreshing experience! I had the sunflower-pate wrap, which came in a sprouted tortilla.

Later on at home, it was time for me to sample the kanten I had been chilling since yesterday. My husband had tried it soon after it set late yesterday evening. I asked him what he thought of it, and he said that it was a kind of ‘delicacy’ – which he explained meant that it didn’t really have enough sugar to be eaten on its own as a dessert. It would work better paired along with some turkey or chicken, as akin to cranberry sauce. The black cherry juice I had used as the base wasn’t sweet enough – next time I’ll know to either add extra sweetener or use something with more natural sugars, like grape juice.

Here it is in it’s weird glory:

In real life, it’s one hue. I’m not sure where the camera is picking up the multiple shades from! But I guess it’s flash allows it to see more than we can see.

I had a great mid-afternoon snack, a new kind of granola for me:

On plain yogurt and with some almond butter and honey, it was great! An excellent blend of sweet and salty.

As for dinner: I had purchased Chilean Sea Bass a few weeks ago at Wegman’s, as I had never tried it before. After buying it, I saw that not only is it an overfished species, but that it is on the list of fish high in mercury. So I will try not to eat this fish too often! Maybe once a year, if that. There’s a possibility that Wegman’s has a sustainable fishery for this species, but I’m not sure.

But, since I had the fish in the freezer, I had to use it:

There were some challenges when the olive oil in the pan heated up more quickly than I thought and started to smoke as I was thinning and flouring the fillets…but after airing out the kitchen and newly cleaning the dangerously sizzling oiled pan (I had to toss water into it from a few feet away, so it wouldn’t splatter oil on me!), I was ready to go. I served the fish with some mashed polenta with feta, and steamed kale with a very garlicky dressing. I ended up using a Bobby Flay recipe to make the fish, and it turned out tasty with some sauteed spinach – even though I used less than 1/6 of the butter recommended in the recipe.

It seems like it’s always possible to use less butter than these recipes call for…

Question for you, the reader:
What creative substitutions for butter have you used in your recipes?