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Drink Powders – So How Do They Make Those Things, Anyway?

Ever watch either that show “Unwrapped” on the Food Network or “How It’s Made” on the Science Channel? If you’ve seen them, you’ve doubtlessly watched assembly lines working through various procedures, conveyer belts moving items through the ‘shaking’ phase, or underneath the ‘high heat’ component.

This leads me to the question…how do they make things like this?

Yes – I’ve gone and done it. I’ve followed a ‘blogger craze’ and purchased some of this good stuff. Through the mail, none the less. This is the first time ever that I’ve mail-ordered food. But I just couldn’t find it anywhere…

I tried this for the first time this morning, in my green monster.

Just a small scoopful and a half was enough to give it a nice mellow chocolately flavor. Not a bad way to incorporate some extra nutrients, not a bad way at all…

Here’s the After shot. Time did not permit extra blending to achieve a perfectly smooth consistency. And, for some reason I like the texture of minute pieces of spinach in my morning drink, anyway. When I can see the little spinach pieces, I feel like I’m doing something right. I can see my vegetables.

Although, is it true that you can absorb more micronutrients by completely pulverizing the vegetables? I’d like to see studies on this.

I tend to be curious about my food. I’m curious about how its made, and where it comes from. And I’m curious about how to best attain nutrients from it. (Happily, I have one book which has answered most of my questions about the latter precept; to be discussed in later blog entries.)

What questions do you have about your food?