I’m in my mid-twenties, living in Central Pennsylvania, enjoying the journey and what each day has to offer.

I used to live in NYC. I went to college there, worked there, then completed my Master’s degree there.

Soon after earning my Master’s degree, I got married, moved, and started a new job, all within 2 months.

I started this blog a little while after completing my Macro for a Month challenge, in which I ate macrobiotic foods probably 98% of the month.

I’m a semi-vegetarian (since age 10). I’ve been interested in nutrition for many years.

I’m trying to become more eco-friendly since I read the book No Impact Man by Colin Beavan. This is a life-changing book (in a great way)! You should read it if you get a chance.

I enjoy figuring out new recipes… maybe because I am a natural list-maker and planner!

I like to work out, but this is not an exercise blog. So I’ll only talk about working out on this blog if something notable happens… like if I actually end up running a 5k.

I’m glad you stopped by to say hi!

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