Green Monster ode

My new favorite morning ritual has been enjoying a fresh Green Monster. My energy levels have definitely increased since I’ve started this ritual, and it’s such a nice mental boost at the beginning of the day to know that I’ve started off with my veggies! I’ve usually kept to the simple, basic Green Monster smoothie with milk, bananas, spinach and flax seed, but occasionally I add some intrigue in the form of cocoa powder, nut butter, blueberries, or cantaloupe.

Making Green Monsters has made me want to experiment with some other fabulous smoothie recipes… I want to continue to have my Green Monster for breakfast, but it would be fun to think of another kind of ‘monster’ to have for lunch… maybe a ‘Blue Monster’ or a ‘Purple Monster’? Those deep, rich hues have such great antioxidants…

What’s your favorite type of smoothie?


2 responses to this post.

  1. My prior favorite was just like what you make but with blueberries. But lately I can’t shake the PB cravings. PB, frozen banana, cinnamon, almond milk, and sure, some spinach!


  2. […] morning I started off with the newly omnipresent Green Monster, which had a distinctly non-green, chocolate brown hue today. I’m enjoying the Garden of […]


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