Christmas Eve

I hereby present you with a food retrospective from Christmas Eve.
I started off with a late breakfast- around 10:30am. I was at my husband’s family’s house.

Leftover sweet potatoes with breakfast. As I said – they were the sweetest sweet potatoes ever! And I ate them cold. I’m ok with eating most leftovers cold; in fact, sometimes I prefer to have leftovers cold.

A milkless cup of multigrain Cheerios.

Lunch, which was consumed a short time later, was small.

Some homemade pumpkin bread, with peanut butter.

My husband and I shared one of these yogurts. I had never tried one of these before; it was really tasty!

Clementines are great citrus gems.

During the evening, we went to my husband’s grandparents house, for their Christmas Eve get-together.

It wouldn’t be prudent for me to have these spreadable cheeses every day (because I find them irresistibly delicious and can’t help but keep eating them!), but I definitely enjoyed my fill while I was sitting in front of the platter.

Something about food that’s shaped like sticks brings up the fun factor by a few notches.

I tried a couple of these teriyaki chicken appetizers. They were a nice balance of sweet & savory.

My husband’s aunt made some excellent stuffed mushrooms.

My mother-in-law brought a big dish of baked ziti.

Pumpkin pie finished off the meal.


One response to this post.

  1. I grew up eating baked ziti a lot as a kid, so that’s a very nostalgic dish for me! Wonderful spread!


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