Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we woke up early, following a late Christmas Eve celebration. We started off the day at my in-laws’ house listening to the dulcet tones of the Yule Log.

For those of you who have yet to witness the wondrousness of the Yule Log, essentially, it is an uninterrupted movie of a log burning in a fireplace, set to Christmas music. I like the Yule Log because it reminds me of Ye Olde Times. And it’s satisfying.

My in-laws have a cat who likes to play amongst wrapping paper. He was in his glory yesterday morning. I think that the wrapping paper is his equivalent of the best amusement park ever, and the most comfy bed, all rolled into one.

After gift sharing I finally became hungry for breakfast. I’m very rarely hungry first thing in the morning.

I had a not-too-sour grapefruit:

It was followed by a whole wheat bread, peanut butter and raisin open faced sandwich.

My husband and I proceeded to travel to my mom’s house. My mom had made a great spread of all sorts of goodies.
There was a savory butternut squash soup, nice & warm.

The salad was “crisp and verdant”.

The entrees were hearty & tasty: eggplant rollatini, chicken marsala, broccoli rabe, and a rice dish.

I ended the meal with some sweet and smooth apple crisp.

It was a great and relaxing day!

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  1. Love the cat in the wrapping paper!! 🙂


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