Food Styling

Ahh, CSA share day.

Mixed greens (greenhouse grown), with alfalfa sprouts, watermelon radishes (aren’t they cute!) and a miso dressing (white miso, rice vinegar, water and Sucanat).

This was a tasty salad. In the past, I haven’t always been a big fan of eating salads in winter. But today, those raw foods just felt great.

And now, for the subject of this entry: Food Styling. I am about to present you with a picture that is clearly not beautiful, or artistic.

You may have adjectives of your own for it. Here’s my view on such unstyled food.

Sometimes, we need to just see food on blogs as it is. You know how it’s always sort of satisfying to see pictures of celebrities without makeup? Like, yes – this is how the real world is, dammit. Well, this is how a real dinner of fried eggs & mushrooms look. Yeah.


One response to this post.

  1. Haha. This was cute. Most of my food looks like that 🙂

    Your salad with watermelon radishes is gorgeous though!


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