A Day of Eats

I want to start off with my discovery from yesterday:

Flax oil isn’t supposed to be heated up.

Okay, so I should have known that, but I didn’t. Yesterday, for lunch, I heated up my dinner leftovers in the microwave at work. My soba noodles were covered in the dressing I had made of flax seed oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce & chives. Afterwards it dawned on me: flax oil is supposed to be refrigerated, and it’s stored in a black bottle. I googled ‘heating up flax oil’ and found numerous links about how it’s bad to heat up flax oil, it changes the molecular structure of the oil, it denatures it, it is dangerous for the body. When I read ‘dangerous for the body’, without much explanation, I was kind of freaked out… but I was convinced by some people who have common sense that this would only matter if I was consuming it on multiple occasions.

Basically, the moral of the story is: don’t heat up flax seed oil.

Now, onto today.

I started off with a breakfast with ‘faux’ eggs: buckwheat waffles with ricotta cheese & blackberry jelly.

Lunch was a veggie burger on an Ezekial English muffin, with mozzarella sticks & broccoli with miso ginger dressing.

My husband and I ate these clementines for lunch dessert.

For dinner, I used a dal recipe from an old yoga magazine I had. The recipe was in an article about eating like a yogi. I felt like it would be nice to eat as a yogi might eat. I think of yogis as having strength, flexibility, and so on.

The dal topped some brown basmati rice. On the side, I made some roasted carrots and beets, from my CSA winter share! (Woohoo for a winter share!) Also, I quickly sauteed some spinach with onions.

Following dinner, I enjoyed some vanilla liquid yogurt. ‘Liquid yogurt’ may not sound very appealing – but this was. It was pure cool delicious sweet & creamy bliss, topped with cinnamon.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha… I laughed when I read your flax oil discovery, because I completely know the feeling of finding out something like that after it’s too late. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! 🙂


  2. That’s funny! I actually did the same thing with dark sesame oil. I used it to roast eggplant and it was so gross. Very bitter tasting.


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