Running? A new cookbook, and lunch.

Hi – I’m back.

I’m still getting over this annoying bug. Now it’s turned into an annoying cough. I’m wondering if before I got this cold, I might have pushed myself a little too hard with my new running routine. Yes, I was around tons of sick people for a couple of weeks, but maybe I was running too fast in my new exercise routine, and maybe that wore me down a bit. I’m not sure if I should continue once I recover, or if I should transition into another workout routine. Maybe running just isn’t for me? I do believe that different people benefit from different types of exercise. I’m thinking that my ancestors most likely got their exercise from walking + dancing. Maybe I should take a cue from them?

On another note: this week I borrowed a new cookbook from the library. Jean Carper’s Complete Healthy Cookbook is chock full of great recipes with simple, ‘clean’ ingredients. I used the cookbook to help me create my grocery shopping list.

For lunch, I made a recipe from the book: Curried Lentil Soup. I made substitutions: fennel & celery instead of tomatoes. (No one said my substitutions had to be linear ;))

Kind of hard to see the broth in there, eh? Let’s just say…it was soup. You just can’t really see the liquid.

To go along with the soup, I made some pumpkin ale bread as inspired by Madeline.

I used spelt & whole wheat flour. Warm from the oven, this bread went well with some low-fat cream cheese.

Questions of the day: What’s your favorite soup? What exercise seems to make you feel your best?


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love the curried lentil dish! Considering beans are indian food are my two favorite things, I’m pretty sure I’d LOVE this one!!!

    My favorite soup is a soup I make called “Magic Soup”. It’s in my recipes tab. Quick and delish every time 🙂


  2. wholesome goodness! super healthy!
    My fav soup is prob french onion and hmmm honestly, no exercises seem to make me feel better before. hehe.


  3. hmm I love minestrone! I also love indian dals!
    I think that weight lifting makes me feel the best! I love getting a good weight session in at the gym 🙂


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