Mellow Yellow… Miso Soup

Mellow Yellow: that’s just one of those songs that sends you straight to a groovy headspace, isn’t it…

Well check this out: it’s ‘Bananas in Pajamas’ doing their thang to this tune of yore. Click here to experience dancing bananas on YouTube. If this doesn’t make you feel a little relaxed and silly – well, then – check out LOLcats, or make a sculpture out of play dough, okay?

This evening I made some soup with mello white miso. This flavor is much milder than the barley variety (it also happens to be less expensive – I think the barley version might be more healthy, though.) I like them both – they’re just for different moods. You might like them both, as well.

I dissolved the mello white miso in the warm soup that I had made, using:
and a Few Dashes of Olive Oil

I set the vegetables (sans tofu) in the water until it came to a rolling boil, and then simmered it with the lid on for about 25 mins on low. I added the tofu cubes right before I took it off the heat. At the point when it was off the heat and stopped boiling, I added the miso (to save the probiotics.)

I actually didn’t really need much soup, after polishing off the rest of the spinach pie, which I had been pecking away at since Sunday.

What’s your favorite mellow food? (You can take that to mean food which is mellow itself, or food that makes you feel mellow…)


4 responses to this post.

  1. mmmmm sometimes vegetable soup is exactly what the body needs ❤

    mellow foods are sweet potatoes, stir-fries, and soups 🙂 they're all mellow foods and they mellow me out as well



  2. I didn’t have much luck with white miso last time I tried it. I think I just didn’t add enough or something, but your bowl looks yummy.


  3. […] started off with some miso soup, made with cabbage, turnips, whole garlic cloves, and mello white miso. Miso is known for its probiotics, and I don’t think I had been having enough of it this […]


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