Easy Fixins – And Other Potential Titles for this Entry

I was talking to my mom on the phone this evening, and she asked me if I had made a blog entry yet.

“No. Not yet.”

“What’s it going to be about?”

“A salad. I have to figure out a way to make it sound special. It was just a salad. I need a good title.”

“How about Easy Fixins? Or… Easy Green Fixins? Or… Mean Green Fixins?”

“I like Easy Fixins,” I decided. ‘Mean Green Fixins’ kind of evokes to me a scowling Kermit the Frog, making pie dough.

This evening was summer-like. High in temperature. It was a longish day for me, too. When I got home I wasn’t in the mood to stand over the hot stove. So I made a salad:

Fresh mixed greens (from my CSA- so tender and delicious!)
Feta Cheese
Sunflower Seeds
Black-Eyed Peas
Caesar dressing

Have you ever been to a great salad place? The kind that has all of the “fixins?” You tell the ‘salad chef’ or person behind the counter what you would like on your salad, and he or she creates it on the spot for you… I find that I’m more interested in eating salads I make myself if I indulge in the idea that the salad was born of one of these salad places. Weird – but whatever works, right?

Less pots and pans to clean – that’s for sure. 😉

What’s your favorite no-cook dinner?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I like Mean Green Fixins best!

    I wish we had high temperature it was 0 degress this morning 😦


  2. One of my favourite salad places is Lettuce (which I think may now be called Freshii) in Toronto. It’s a US-based company and so far, I’m pretty sure their only Canadian locations are in Toronto. Anyways, their salads and wraps are amazing and they have everything you could possibly want to throw in. Oh, and they’re HUGE! 😀


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