Kefir? Kefir! And…what’s that Egg dish called?

Today was a busy day! And still is – there’s more to do!

I did manage to fix the time/date issue on the ‘settings’ tab. I just had to switch the time zone. Now it no longer appears as if I am in England.

I was so busy this morning that I ran out of time to eat breakfast. A solution presented itself in the form of a cold bottle of milky white cultured goat milk. I mean, of course that’s the solution! Kefir!

In my probiotics research, it seemed that kefir is the way to go. And… if I wanted to be a kefir purist, I would have to get the unsugared kind. That’s right. I could do it. I could handle it. The enzymes would make it worth it.

Welllll, after briefly looking at the kefir, I decided I couldn’t handle the kefir all by itself. I gave the kefir a friendly companion.

Is that the flash of the camera, or is that cereal box magically glowing? You decide.

And… the final product was tasty. The kefir was…a bit sour, but that’s pure kefir. And you can’t argue with pure kefir, for all the good it’s doing for you.

For dinner, I made some more sweet potato fries, with a main course of frittata.

I think that this was the first time I had ever made frittata. I was looking forward to making it today. But for some reason, when I was trying to recall the name of this dish, I couldn’t think of it – until my husband reminded me. Maybe it’s because it sounds so incongruous. Shouldn’t frittata be a high-speed salsa dance, or something?

I made this frittata set to no music, in the oven…

First I sauteed some onions, golden tomato, fresh parsley, and baby portobello mushrooms. I put these cooked products in a baking dish, and covered them with 4 mixed eggs. With the oven set on 350, I cooked it about 20 minutes or so.

It was good. It could have used some cheese, perhaps. Maybe next time I’ll add some cheddar…

What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?


3 responses to this post.

  1. mm that fritata looks fab! I agree with you on the name 🙂
    I haven’t had eggs in sooo long- but I loved them in quiche, and scrambled!


  2. I’ve never had kefir before, but I keep meaning to try it– some people are just crazy about it!


  3. I am with you on the fittata–it doesn’t seem like it would be an egg dish. My favorite way to eat eggs is over-easy…with toast…yum!


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