Some Kind of Ancient Flavor

I’m fascinated by olives.

Olives are evocative of Ye Olden Times…. Ye Golden Tymes… Gnarled, hardy trees bearing fruits from heavy boughs…

I had olives along with my mid-afternoon snack today. These particular olives weren’t particularly excellent. They came from a can. I think olives from a can absorb some metallic taste, and I don’t think the brine percolates around them quite so nicely as those olives from a jar.

I’m not so into eating food from cans anymore. But that’s besides the point.

The only downside of olives is that they’re not a local food for me…maybe they are for you, if you live in California’s Central Valley, the Mediterranean or perhaps even Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ve heard that I have distant relatives in Sicily who are olive farmers. They make their own olive oil. I would like to see olive oil being made at some point in life. I don’t find olives to be an oily fruit. Where does all that oil come from?

How do you like to eat your olives?


One response to this post.

  1. mm olives! I love them plain..just a small bowl of them is good for me 🙂 I agree I don’t like the canned ones, either!
    I am always so curious about how people decided to eat olives in the first place. Apparently a raw/uncured olive is bitter and basically inedible. So interesting!


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