“What is Old is New Again”

Today I powered up my morning with a new smoothie concoction: skim milk, shredded coconut, flax seeds, and watermelon. It was nice and delicate and delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used the smoothie’s fuel to power me up for a morning of helping out with a community yard sale – wow, what great exercise it is to run around and price trinkets and sort them!

It’s amazing how many THINGS sit around not being utilized, and great that yard sales offer an opportunity for these things to be given new life. Each used object has a story and a unique origin. Of course, when sorting through those things donated to a community yard sale by the general population, it’s inevitable that you’ll find stuff which is either weird, useless, or grossly soiled… the latter category being my least favorite find. But there’s definitely something about going through the loads of this stuff that inspires the imagination – on what occasion was that plastic frisbee from Florida procured? How old is the person who used to play with that toy? And so on.

I emerged from the volunteer job with a nice souvenir, a bumper sticker that I have taped to the side of my desk, which reads the following: “Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, Do Without.” What a great saying. How many times in life are we disappointed because we can’t have something we want? Well, what if we learn to embrace the feeling of doing without, and of enjoying what we have? Of course, it’s not easy for people who don’t even have the basic necessities to embrace doing without; where health and welfare is concerned, it’s important to have ample resources to take care of oneself. But, outside of that, excessive material goods do not do much good for people, and they certainly do not do much good for our planet.

“Live Simply.”


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